The Benefits of Taking a Historical & Cultural Vacation

Although the thought of lounging out on a beach, listening to the calm sound of the waves collapsing onto the shore never seems like a bad idea, there’s a whole different vacation experience you should be seeking. Delving into the culture and history of the place you’re visiting will give you a much more memorable experience than lying on a beach ever could.

Travelers are now craving authentic and engaging experiences by visiting unique cultures and staying at Bed and Breakfasts (B&Bs) with a historic background instead of a hotel chain. This type of vacation will allow for you to embrace a new culture or gain an understanding of the history behind a popular city or town.


Learning Without the Pressure

The word, “history,” may have some cringing as they reflect to a dreaded and yawning time in their lives: history class. Taking a trip to a place that exudes a sense of history and culture is completely different than sitting in a desk with a history book. You will be able to see, hear, touch, taste and smell the crisp history or culture of the destination. The opportunity is yours to discover aspects of an area you never could in a book, while witnessing the transformation from the past to present. Plus, no exams! (You can leave your No. 2 pencils at home.)


You’re Being Productive

Relaxing getaways do have their perks, but think about the worst part of any vacation: going back to work. By learning about the culture or history of the place you’re visiting, you’re using your mind in ways that are different from when you’re at work. The transition from vacation to home will feel a lot smoother, especially if you stay at a B&B. You won’t develop a laziness that will have you dreading to go back to the office. Being productive and active throughout your vacation by immersing yourself into a new culture or history will mitigate the back-to-reality-slump once your trip is over.


It Says a Lot About You as a Person

Once you return, you’ll have much more interesting and in-depth stories to share with your friends and family. Taking a historical and cultural vacation will reveal that you are a person who wants to expand your mind, accepting of other cultures and someone who respects history. You can talk about your discoveries, the amazing sights at a museum or old church. How many beach-bum stories can you tell?


There’s More to See than the Typical Tourist Spots

Exploring a historical and/or cultural place allows you to gain a unique experience you cannot have anywhere else. When in a city like Chicago, for example, you can visit Cloud Gate (AKA the Bean) in Millennium Park or check out the Willis Tower (AKA the Sears Tower) Skydeck. But there’s much more to the city than the tourist attractions that everyone knows about. Be an insider, not a tourist.


Have I convinced you to take a historical and cultural vacation yet? Consider these spots in the Chicagoland area:

• The Chicago Water Tower
• Lincoln Park Conservatory
• Marquette Building
• Chicago Cultural Center
• Baha’i Temple
• Jane Addams Hull House Museum
• Chicago Botanic Gardens
• Ravinia

A vacation should be somewhere that excites you while expanding your mind to what the world has to offer. From exploring cultural museums to learning about the history of where you’re staying, a historical and cultural trip won’t be a wasted one. Don’t forget: tans fade, but memories don’t.



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