The Owners


Owners and innkeepers Tom and Suzy Zipprich welcome one and all to Stone Terrace with a passion for creating an experience like no other. You’re invited to delve into their background for an inside look at their accomplishments and endeavors.

Co-Owner and Innkeeper

Thomas “Tom” Zipprich, with his wife Virginia, oversees all aspects of running the bed and breakfast, including general innkeeping, breakfast service, guest services, maintenance, reservations, budget and financials.

Tom, who is a trained chef, is known for baking delicious signature scones and bakery items and cooking breakfast from scratch for guests every morning.

Before managing and operating Stone Terrace, Tom was a banquet manager with Misericordia Home in Chicago. At Misericordia, Tom oversaw event set up, monitoring banquet team members and ensuring proper sequence of events. He was also responsible for writing procedure manuals, sourcing equipment and supplies, and selecting preferred caterers and vendors. During his time at Misericordia, Tom was instrumental in establishing Misericordia as a designated charity in the Chicago Marathon and developing a coffee packaging program for residents to participate in a work opportunity.

Before Misericordia, Tom owned White Rabbit Catering, where he prepared meals for families of five or less.

Tom has had an extensive sales career. He was a national sales manager for aftermarket automotive navigation systems at Phillips/VDO Navigation. He owned Emerald Sales, which imported and nationally distributed video security cameras and monitors for business. Emerald Sales was acquired by Go Video, where Tom stayed on as the vice president of the video security division and directed the sales of the Go Video brand of security products.

Tom was vice president of sales for video, security and appliance products at MGN Technology. He was the regional sales manager for the Midwest region, supervising twenty-three salespeople and six independent rep firms for consumer electronic products at Magnavox/Phillips Corporation.

Tom started his career with Motorola Overseas Corporation, where he took orders and followed up with overseas customers.

Suzy Zipprich
Co-Owner and Innkeeper

Virginia “Suzy” Zipprich, with her husband Thomas, oversees all aspects of running the bed and breakfast, including general innkeeping, breakfast service, guest services, maintenance, reservations, concierge, budget and financials.

Zipprich has over 25 years of experience as an educator. She taught grades three through eight at Clinton Elementary School in Chicago. Before Clinton Elementary School, Zipprich was with Eugene Field Elementary School where she pioneered inclusion programs for middle school students, served as the representative for the Education Connection Grant and created a token economy at the school store for systematic positive reinforcement of desired behavior.

At Sunset Ridge School in Northfield, Illinois, Zipprich taught seventh-grade social science, eighth-grade language arts and assisted teachers and students within academic content areas.

Prior to that, Zipprich served as a preschool teacher in early childhood at School for Little Children in Evanston and taught students at Charles Holden Elementary School.

Zipprich also owned and operated an antique store in Evanston called the White Rabbit.

Zipprich holds a master’s degree in education, learning disabilities (LD) and behavioral disorders (BD) from Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago, and she received a Bachelor of Science in education from Loyola University in Chicago. Zipprich also holds a Type 10 LD and Type 03 Self Contained General Education Certificate, K-9 certification.